Monday, November 14, 2011


One of the shows that caught my attention this past couple of months was E4's Misfits. Being a huge fan of british TV I had to watch this show. I'm happy to say that i wasn't disappointed by this show. In fact I love it. Misfits has the perfect balance between humor and suspense. The casting for the show is also perfect. But what makes this show different? First of all, this show is about young delinquents who get super powers after a lighting storm. Isn't that awesome? Misfits brings you to a mysterious world where anything is possible. The main characters of the show have conflicting personalities, but in order to survive they have to work together and trust each other. This plot helps with the creation of different scenarios and shorelines that can be both funny and dramatic. Finally I think that Misfits is a great example of a low-budget show that can be creative and interesting.

If you are into british TV, comedy and comic books I would recommend watching Misfits. The first two seasons are on Hulu for free.

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