Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Look at my post, it's amazing

I'm getting to the point in the semester where I've stopped caring about everything because we have no time to do everything, so instead of cramming I'm procrastinating. That has never worked. Again, I've stopped caring.

Here's some animations.

I made that. I'm amazing.

How did you make it, Will? Painstakingly. I recorded the voices and pieced together the sound using Audacity, which is like Garageband without the instruments or cool effects or the nice interface. Basically, it's not Garageband. Then I used a program called Toon Boom Studio to create the actual drawings and animate them.

My style's very basic. Honestly, I don't like to dwell much on fancy effects. I'm a minimalist. Every element has a purpose. Explosions, 3D titles, etc.; it's not my thing. Arturo, I'm sure that you're balling up your fists in rage reading this, and I apologize kind of.

Here's another animation.

Every moving part in the animation is on a "peg." The face is on a peg. The head's on a peg. The camera's on a peg. I animate the pegs with keyframes. It's like Flash animation. If you've ever used Final Cut and made effects with transitions, you know keyframes.

The lip syncing is the hardest part. Every mouth shape needs to be exact, otherwise the whole thing looks like slop. It's like watching a poorly translated anime. Therefore, if one of your characters is a fast speaker, you'd better make sure that you can draw some good mouths.

These are both copyright under the Will Is Awesome Copyright Law Of 2011, and any thievery or shenanigans including the usurping of my intellectual property will result in your untimely flogging and force-feeding of crawfish.


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