Friday, September 11, 2015

Give the Bad Guy Some Love

When it comes to film's I feel like I'm a picky watcher. There are things that I see in films, maybe only for a few seconds that almost completely ruin the experience for me (I.E. in the newest hobbit film when legolas was able to jump up the falling debris). Although there is one transgression that to me ranks high above the others, and that's having a bad Bad Guy.

What constitutes having a bad bad guy? Well that's a question that could yield many a thesis, but for now I'll say that I think a bad guy should always have solid reasoning for their actions. Take Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, now besides having one of the coolest designs of any Disney villain, he was also one of the most well written characters in the Pirates series. Look at the way he's introduced in the film:

He doesn't slither onto the screen declaring his delight in general dobaddery, rather he sinks down to the eye level of one of his captives and offers him a choice. A choice by the way that resonates with us as an audience. We know that Davy Jones is a bad guy, but the temptation of a prolonged life is so attractive to us on a primal level, that many of us may be tempted to look past the tentacles and see this swarthy cephalopod as someone who is looking to save us from whatever judgement we may be subject to in the great beyond. 

Now on the other hand let's look at the villain from Marvels newest solo film "Ant Man". 
"Imagine a Soldier the Size of an insect"
What does that even mean? So what if a soldiers the size of an insect? I squash six bugs before breakfast, talk to me about an insect the size of a soldier and then I'll by twelve of whatever you're selling me.

Yellow Jacket's plan makes no sense, his threats hold no weight, and as a character his isn't the slightest bit memorable. This kind of thing makes a difference.

 If you watched both of these clips blind, which one would interest you more? I rest my case your honor.

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