Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Use of Color

So I've been thinking a little bit about color this week. As an editor, this is something I need to consider when getting ready to finish the final product, as the color can alter the feeling of a scene completely. This technique has been used many times throughout the years, and is used in the majority of movies and tv shows, whether you initially notice it or not. For instance, ever notice during certain scenes in Breaking Bad, the primary color in focus is yellow?

That's because throughout the show, they have used this shade in scenes where tensions mount. Or have you noticed that in The Matrix, the majority of the movie is green?
These subtle, yet noticeable, details help to create a certain mood which the director is trying to convey. This is why is horror movies, you will see lots of blue coloring, due to the melancholy nature of the color, or grey in post apocalyptic movies. The use of color is really just as important as any other aspect in creating the mood you are going for, so going forward it's always a good idea to consider it. After all, a regular scene can become something special when more meaning is put into it.

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