Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Casting Call Tips

With our second casting call for Stopover City rolling around I've definitely picked on to some of the do's and don'ts of casting calls. I thought you all would appreciate some tips for your future casting calls...

How to run a successful casting call
  • Casting Location
    • The location needs to be in an comfortable environment with ample room for actor to prepare prior to auditioning.
  • Advertise Casting Call
    • Promote your casting date on all social media (Facebook, Twitter, and the film webpage)
    • Promote via posters *literally post them everywhere*
    • Expand promotion outside of school, send mass emails and contact actor agencies.
  • Choose Scenes for Actors to Read at Casting Call.
    • Look for short scenes that involve the character interacting and illustrate a range of emotion.
    • Have more than one scene available for reading.
  • Make a schedule
    • Rent Location for casting, and if needed equipment before hand to avoid any potential conflicts
    • Extensive time block. *you want to avoid making the actor feel rushed.

  • Distribute information sheets to actors
    • At the end of each audition, you should provide the actor with an information sheet that contains the following:
      • outline the days of production
      • contact information for them to fill.
  • Extra Tips for Casting Day!
    • Be knowledgeable of script and all deadlines
    • Have a script available. I recommend 1 electronic copy, and 2 hard copies.
    • Have a script breakdown and character descriptions *actors will appreciate more context of their character prior to auditioning
    • Have a camera ready to record the audition
    • Have a sign in sheet posted
    • Provide refreshments and snacks to leave a professional and lasting impression.

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