Friday, September 18, 2015

What I loved about Du Levande

After class Monday I couldn't help thinking about how much I enjoyed the brief clip of Du Levande we saw towards the end of the period. As soon as I got home I jumped online to get a better look at it, and perhaps identify what it was about Du Levande that ensnared me so. Take a look at the clip below to refresh your memory.
Now aside from having an incredible set design, I think what really captured my attention was the way the film strayed so fantastically from traditional narrative film. Instead of watching to unattainablely gorgeous people arguing over some fictitious drama, I was watching two obese people arguing on a park bench. What's more is that I related immediately to the characters in frame, I didn't need any sort of backstory explained to me or lengthy origin story behind why the bench woman was so miserable, I just got it. 

I wish that Hollywood would break away from the mold of talking head style films more. That's in part why I'm interested in pursuing a career in the commercial industry, I want to be able to experiment with different idea's without being forced to abide by the traditional Hollywood cinematic tropes.

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