Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Anatomy of a Split Second

Personally, I love watching commercials. I never skip the channel in the middle of a programming because I enjoy the small 4-5 short stories that are shown in the breaks. One reason why I like them so much is because of the some of production techniques involved can be really cool and innovative. A lot of technique is necessary to pack a story while promoting a product in under 30 seconds. One method of catching the audience's attention is using inventive post production and graphic animation to embellish the commercial. I ran into this one commercial made by the BBDO branch in Ireland for the Road Safety Authority there.

I really liked how they used a simple looping editing technique to build tension and leave an shocking impression. Directing comes heavily into play here to uniquely tell a story using formal techniques. If this leaves you with an impression like it did with me, then I think it's safe to say this ad got its message across clear.

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