Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Perfect Guy: My first impression

Over the weekend I was persuaded by my friends to go see the film, The Perfect Guy. I was hesitant because I know how cliched these films can get, but I am a fan of Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut! The film follows the traditional plot of a woman who breaks up with her longtime boyfriend Dave (played by Morris Chestnut), and ends up dating another man (Ealy) that seems all too good to be true. The film had a lot of promotion and I was a little surprised to see that it was rated PG-13, but then again that does explain the minimum amount of sex scenes and foul language. However, I have very mix feelings about this film.

The Bad
  • Extremely cliche and no originality or plot twist. 
    • If I fell asleep during the movie I would still know everything that happened when i woke up. 
    • Predictable climax
  • Time
    • The beginning of the movie was extremely fast paced, I wasn't able to connect with the characters or even establish an understanding of any of the relationships. 
    • The ending was too dragged out, for better words, Carter (played by Michael Ealy) could have died a lot faster, and didn't need all the suspense or hype.
  • The feeling of "I've seen this movie before..."
    • Enough starring Jennifer Lopez and directed by Michael Apted
    • Obsession directed by Brian De Palma
The Good
  • Empowered heroine, with no need of rescue
    • I appreciated that for once in a thriller the men did not do the saving, in fact it was interesting that both males died as a result of loving this woman. 
  • Cinematography
    • One thing that struck me from the beginning was how well the cinematography in the film was. It was extremely good looking and Peter Simonite (cinematographer) did a great job at highlighting the casts dark skin tones without creating shadows, even in night scenes.

  • Wardrobe 
    • deserves a credit as well because they dressed their cast in suitable colors that weren't outrageously bright or dark. The lightening has to thank wardrobe for making there job slightly easier.  
  • Casting
    • Michael Ealy (Carter) was so calm and poised throughout the film that it made him scary. To physically know how dangerous he is throughout the film and to visually witness him be calm, and tactical is enough to sends chills down your spine. So for that performance he definitely deserves credit. 
    • Sanaa Lathan (Leah) had attitude and never backed down throughout the film, I believe she embodied the character fully and may have possible recognized a familiar personality trait she and her character possessed.

Once again this film may have been cliche but it was shot beautifully.

Post Research... 

I came across an interesting article by Clayton Dillard about The Perfect Guy that really resonated with me. I do agree with the article in the essence that this film has illusions to film history(i.e. Birth of A Nation), and makes an extremely risky but daring argument- I appreciate that.  The argument is interesting and for the most part I believe of it to be true. And if the allegations that Dillard is making are true, then I commend the director David M. Rosenthal and writer Tyger Williams on creating a film that was so creative in the way they sent a message to the audience. 

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