Thursday, October 22, 2015


So because I am a sucker for any movie with cool dancing in it, over fall break I watched the second installment of the every growing Step Up movie series; Step Up 2: The Streets. The final scene of the film is a super long and I will admit, super cool dance scene that takes place outside and in the rain. After the heroic team finishes their awesome rain dance, one of the characters, Moose, goes to talk to the girl he likes, Sophia. However it seems like in each cut in the scene of them talking, Moose's hat is turned a different way, even though you are never shown him actually switching his hat.

Okay so here we are in the first part, and Moose's hat is on frontways
Then as soon as we cut to a two shot of the back of him, his hat is backwards

Then we cut to a closer shot of the same exact scene where they are talking and once again, his hat has switched.
And then, as all teen movies go, Sophia kisses Moose in this closeup and yayy!! His hat is still on frontways
Okay, okay awesome, some consistency, lets see if we can cut to a wider shot of this kiss 
Damn! All we did was cut to a little bit wider and once again, his stupid hat is switched again, and I think we all can agree that he did not switch his hat based on that claw grip he has on Sophia's arm.

Anyway, my point is, while you are shooting you may not think that continuity is that important and that you can remember how the actors did each of the scenes, it is an incredibly important part of making a good and consistent film so make sure you get a dope script supervisor.

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