Friday, October 2, 2015



  Mention lesbians and punk rock, and you've got me hooked. Girltrash is a film that a friend of mine recommended we watch together and this week, it finally happened. She'd been telling me about the movie for the better part of a year and times just never matched up. Well, that is until one of our classes was cancelled and I was too lazy to walk home. In sitting down, she said that I'd either love or hate this film, nothing in between. Let me tell you, it feels like it probably should'nt have been made but I'm also not upset because our class was cancelled anyway and nothing could mess that up.
     Anyway, for some reason it reminded me of the student film Art of Adjustment. I will take a shot in the dark and say it's because songs came out of pretty much goddamn nowhere and made me questioning whether god was real or not with those striving rhymes. Long story short, I'm always a sucker for a musical so I was easily wrangled on in and I thought it was a pretty cute movie. I enjoyed pointing out obvious plot points and inconsistencies in lighting but over all, I really enjoyed the characters. The representation in women was fantastic, obviously, as 90% of the characters were women and most of them were lesbians. Yay, lesbians. Also, most of them were in a punk band and most of the plot surrounds getting those this gig at the end of the night which, spoiler alert, they do. What a time to be alive. Even though much of the film was lackluster, the characters really make up for it and that pretty much was the only thing actually still keeping me interested in this film: the sarcasm that the characters made tangible.

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