Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lighting Information

I just figured for this weeks blog I would share some information about lighting.

First off is Color Temperature. As I'm sure most of you know Daylight is 5600k and Tungsten-Hallogen is 3200k. Lights that we can check out from Ppecs are generally Tungsten-Hallogen meaning they are 3200k. So how do you make the light match daylight? Its pretty simple you use what is called CTB gels. CTB stand for color tone blue and it goes on a light to bring its color temperature up to 5600k.

Now what do you do if you are shooting in a house that has windows and it is daytime but your scene called for it too be night time. Well what you do is black out the windows with garbage bags. this can be accomplished by using tape to put them up over windows. Make sure when doing this to get every crack and to avoid seeing ugly garbage bags in shots i suggest taping them up outside as much as possible.

One final good lighting trick is the use of Muslin and Duvateen. Muslin is an off white fabric which is great for breaking up light and making it so that its casts nice wide and soft natural looking light. A very useful trick that we saw in the workshop. The other is Duvateen which is black heavy fabric which stops all light from going through. this is great for shaping your light sources.

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