Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Still Alice

Still Alice is documents the life of a Alice Howland, a renowned linguistics professor who receives a diagnosis of Early On-set Alzheimers Disease. Throughout the film Alice and her family bond are tested. Alice's struggle to stay connected with who she once was is extremely heart breaking, and in some aspects inspiring. 

Julianne Moore, played this role absolutely without faults. She captured the persona of Alice Howland, and portrayed emotionally the obstacle of losing intellect and memory. By no means necessary is this film easy to watch. The film is built off of the emotional reactions from the audience. Director Richard Glazer and Wash Westmoreland, do just by the book (written by Lisa Genova) by maintaining a steady tone. Because the film is shot mostly using warm colors the emotions are very subtle and build throughout the film.

I appreciate that the film focuses on Alice’s experience with Alzheimers, it makes the film more authentic and relatable, and also makes the message more clear to the audience by the end. Although this film will bring tears to the bravest of souls it illustrates that in the bigger picture its much easier to enjoy the simple things. 

Keep this film in mind for a rainy day, it's definitely a great one! 


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