Thursday, October 8, 2015


Sometimes when I think about what I'll be doing after college, I have some doubts. (Wow, shocker.) Every time I took one of those dumb "this is what you should do for a career" tests in high school, I always got something along the lines of helping others. With my dad and stepmom working in the medical field they were also trying to push me towards that type of job. After working at a nursing home in high school I knew that wasn't an option. (One of my favorite stories from that job was when I had to take all of the silverware off the table because one resident was throwing it at another, but that could be a whole other blog post.)

Anyway, sometimes I feel like what I'll be doing with my degree won't actually matter. Does the world need another shitty commercial or reality show? But, then I remembered what got me so interested in the television-radio program in the first place: it was really my love for the show The Office. No matter what was going on in my life, that show without a doubt would always make me feel better. I think everyone has a show or film that's a go-to mood booster. To some that may sound stupid, but I think it's important to have an outlet like that.

That's what really motivates me in my field. I want to create really positive media. SoulPancake is one of my favorite production companies. They make a lot of inspirational videos, from 'A Letter to my Kid,' to making strangers meet in a ball pit to some of their more viral work like Kid President. Their videos always make me happy and make me want to just do good for the world. 

He's awesome, watch his videos. 
I'm definitely going to apply to intern with them in LA, because they are a company I would love to work for after college. 

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