Thursday, October 29, 2015

What We Do In The Shadows

One style of cinematic films that particularly interests me is the mockumentary. Essentially, mockumentaries are "mock documentaries" that attempt to realistically document fictional situations. Some popular ones on TV are "The Office", "Park and Recs", and "Modern Family". However, even with the success of this style as TV sit-coms, as motion pictures they don't receive as much critical acclaim. The more well- known and funniest mockumentaries are "This is Spinal Tap" directed by Rob Reiner and "Best in Show" directed by Christopher Guest. These two directors are known to some as the pioneers of mockumentaries. To me, the greatest appeals are the awkward humor and the fact that they try to persuade the audience that the topic is as realistic as it's portrayed. The best ones are the ones where the audience ponders if what they are shown is real.

Anyways, my favorite mockumentary, which is also on my top 10 favorite films is, "What We Do in the Shadows".

A different take from other vampire movies. This movie is about four flatmates who all happen to be vampires living in the modern age. It's kind of like Twilight without the dramatized/cheesy lines, the good looking people, and the ability to walk during the day which still confuses me but funnier and has more relevant conflicts. I definitely recommend this to anyone and am willing to refund the hour and a half worth of time if anyone thinks it was a waste of time. 

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