Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I'm back again with even more YouTube videos. I've always loved all the cool stuff that there is on YouTube, and now that I have some experience with film making and editing, I love seeing what other people make and try to figure out just how they went about doing so. Recently I have been stumbling upon these awesome videos by the username Devinsupertramp. I know all of you have most likely have seen some of his work on YouTube due to the fact that almost every two weeks he makes YouTube's front page.

Devin makes these beautiful videos of all the adventures he goes on. There some are videos of cliff jumping in Hawaii and walking on a tightrope across canyons, while others are just a lot of footage of nature with a very nice music score. The equipment he uses consists of go pros, DSLRs, glidecams, and even remote control helicopters with video cameras. One piece of equipment I really am a fan of is the glidecam that he uses. Glidecams are a type of steadycam which makes a shot where the camera person is moving look as smooth as can be. The effect from the glidecam has a really cool end result. All of the variety and versatility of his equipment really pays of in the end.

World's Most Insane Rope Swing

Behind The Scenes

This video is just flawless and very enjoyable to watch. One of the things I enjoy the most about Devin's videos is that he edits very nicely to the music. When the bass drops in the song he usually makes a cut and it really gives the video some emotion. Also he makes use of the go pro action cam very well whether it is mounted on a pole to see the person's face while they are jumping off the cliff or facing outward to get the point of view shot. Another cool perspective in the videos are the use of aerial shots. The aerial shots that he gets using the remote control helicopter is used very tastefully and shows how intense the activity really is. In the behind the scenes video he really shows you every bit of the magic which is really cool to take pointers from. One point he made was that by shooting during "Golden Hour" his shots really come out looking beautiful. It is very cool to hear back on a creative level from a you-tuber. I hope you enjoyed these videos and I recommend subscribing to his videos because awesomeness is definitely ensured.

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