Thursday, September 5, 2013

Raise a Little Hell music video!

“Raise a Little Hell” Music Video

In July I was casted to play the lead role of “Kendra” in a country music video in Buffalo, New York. I was very excited about this because it gave me a chance to see a professional crew set up and film the video. Dominic Luongo directed the video and did an excellent job. He did everything in a timely matter; setting up the equipment, directing the actors, and overall being prepared. I was impressed with him and his assistant and would definitely enjoy working with them again.

We shot the music video in a bar in the city of Buffalo, as well as a few other places. I enjoyed working on a music video because it seems to be a little easier than any other kind of production. The reason being that you do not need sound due to the fact that in post you will add the song’s track into the timeline. I loved being apart of the production and the end result is fantastic.

Dominic used a Cannon EOS 5D Mark ||| camera to shoot the video. His production company is called “Struck Down Entertainment” and he does a lot of promotional work (such as commercials) and also enjoys filming music videos. The quality of our music video is beautiful! Dominic also had a separate monitor attached to the camera for better viewing and framing purposes. The band we are promoting is called “The Southtowners” so if you like country music check them out!

Here is the link to the country music video called “Raise a Little Hell”

Here is the Facebook link to the band if you are interested!

And finally this is the link to “Struck Down Entertainment”

This is me on set! 

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