Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Room. How can something so bad, be so good?

For every good film there is a bad film, and there are plenty of those. It is rare however, that a film can be so bad it transcends said badness and becomes an incredibly enjoyable film. This is the case with Tommy Wiseau's 2003 Romantic/Drama The Room. The Room tells the story of Johnny, a banker who is played by Mr. Wiseau who finds himself caught in a love triangle with his best friend and fiance. The jack of all trades that he is,Tommy Wiseau wrote, directed, produced and stars in this masterpiece of crap. What makes the film so enjoyable is that Mr. Wiseau tried with every ounce of his being to make The Room a good film, of course he failed on every level. Throughout The Room's 90 minutes multiple storylines are brought up and then dismissed never to be mentioned again. In one instance Claudette, Tommy's mother in law to be tells her daughter Lisa (Johnny's fiancee) that "I got the results of the test back, I definitely have breast cancer." As with any good film, this plot line is dropped immediately and never once mentioned again. Along with a cast wide case of terrible acting many other aspects of the film are equally awful. Much of the dialogue seems broken and disconnected. Characters will quickly change topics mid sentence almost on a whim. The camera work also seems to vary vastly in quality throughout the film. This can be explained by the fact that not knowing the difference between a 35mm film and HD video, Mr. Wiseau shot the film with both cameras simultaneously.  Despite this being bad in every conceivable measure the film is incredibly watchable and highly enjoyable. Perhaps this could be car wreck "so bad you can't look away" quality the film has. You can't help but laugh and cheer while you squirm at the awkward chemistry between the actors, nonsensical script and any of the films 5 sex scenes many of which reuse footage from earlier sex scenes. The Room is a trainwreck to watch again and again.

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