Monday, September 9, 2013

Miley Cyrus' Music Video Called a "Joke" and Grabs Attention of Public

         Im sure you have all seen Miley Cyrus' awfully provocative music video, for her hit song, "We Can't Stop", from her Wrecking Ball album. Now this song was immediately popular once it was produced. It took the number one spot on the charts in Britain for weeks. It is a very catchy song indeed, yet when the music video was produced and put on the web for public viewing, people, including myself were astonished. In my opinion the video was just too over the top and vulgar, but from a business standpoint, within a week her video had gotten over millions of views.
          Miley's video set the Vevo record with how many hits it got. So either way if people were viewing it to see what everyone was talking about, or because they actually enjoyed it, it still got the views. So was putting herself out there, wearing barely anything throughout the whole video a good move or a bad one for the young performer? It is very hard to say why the video got so famous, but in my opinion it primarily became popular because the lack of clothing and sexual acts that took place. Like everyone says "sex sells", and Miley Cyrus certainly is a perfect example.
        There are tons of other ways to make a tasteful, successful music video, but she chose to be a crazy, provocative party girl and it did indeed gain her some success. Her performances following the release of her video clearly showed her level of expertise has fallen greatly. After Miley Cyrus performed on the VMA's it became pretty apparent that her talents had disappeared, and all she cared about was her sex appeal and standing out.

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