Thursday, September 5, 2013

Solon Quinn Productions

Solon Quinn Studio's 
in Syracuse, New York

Since I am from Syracuse, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss a local filmmaker from my area.  His name is Solon Quinn and has been recently making films promoting the Syracuse region. The one short film I will focus on is his promo for "Destiny USA", a new addition to the already existing Carousel Mall in Syracuse. The promo is only a minute and 35 seconds but within this small period of time it captivates the audience and combines many different stories into one collective whole.

The promo begins with a Canadian family on their way to shop at Destiny USA. My mother was hired as an actress for this promo and is the mother in the car! I personally think the music in this film is what makes it so haunting and uplifting at the same time. It is a piano instrumental that is compelling and beautiful. A narration of a little girl is heard throughout the promo and this aspect is something I enjoy doing in my own films as well.

The different uses of camera angels, lighting, and dollies are what makes the promo so interesting to watch. Every time I watch it I get goose bumps and it is amazing that its only a promotional film for a mall and yet makes the viewer emotional. A few of my cousins were also featured in the film and enjoyed working with Solon. Solon is an Asian filmmaker, and watching the promo again I noticed there was an apparent ethnicity diversity which added to the film as well.

My favorite shot is when the blonde haired woman is in the elevator and they shot a low angle and moved with the elevator as it was going upwards. I enjoy watching films that are creative and unique with angles and shots. I appreciate Solon because he takes the extra step and makes a beautiful and visually captivating story.

Here is the link to the Destiny USA promo:

Here is the link for his website if you are interested in seeing anymore of his productions:

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