Friday, September 13, 2013


29 year old producer, Steven Ellison, also known as Flying Lotus, and Captain Murphy, has always had a very alternative approach music, and art itself. One of his early albums, entitled "Cosmogramma," touched on how experimental Flying Lotus's career is, and hinted at what direction he could potentially be going. His other alias, Captain Murphy, first was presented last year with a anonymous Youtube account during the summer of 2012. Fans began speculating the identity of the unknown artist based on the musical stylings, content, and other collaborative musicians. Upon the arrival of the date of his first mixtape release, he posted via Twitter a link to a website: It is a link to a rather empty website, containing a single thirty-six minute video. There is a huge lack of context with the clips chosen, it contains everything from cartoons, to pornography, to 1980 films. The general theme of the video is that Captain Murphy is a cult leader and he is attempting to recruit you into his cult, telling you to "join our elite mission to save the world," and that "it doesn't sound like your friends and family love you if they can't support your new decision. Maybe you should stay away from them. It is unhealthy for you to be around unenlightened people anyway." The video is broken into seven "lessons," that all promote similar things to the quotes listed above. It is still unclear the context and the motives of this video. Steven Ellison claims that he never wanted credit as the identity behind Captain Murphy which further illustrates his alternative approach to art and his desire to say and do what others will not.

Here is Duality:

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