Friday, September 13, 2013

You Wanna Be On Top!

I'm not exactly sure why but I have recently become obsessed with reality TV shows. Possibly because none of my other shows start until later this fall but regardless I'm still watching them. The CW's Americas Next Top Model show is officially starting off cycle 20 with a bang. With the first ever Boys and Girls Season! Secretly I've actually watched all 20 cycles, so to be honest, I was pretty shocked when I saw that this season Tyra Banks decided to have males join the top model chaos. Of corse I believe she has done it for ratings simply because she knows that the modeling industry is mainly a female dominated one and ultimately when it comes down to it a female most likely will win this season, like they have every season. I think Rob Evans one of the judges, as well as male supermodel, will have a spin off show for guys or next season Tyra can have a male and female winner. I personally don't agree with having boys against girls. Of corse to stir up the viewers they very first episode Tyra has one male and one female walk together down the runway and right before posing they have to plant a kiss on the opposing contestant.
The way the show is "played" is Tyra gives them a challenge and that challenge gives them a score. Challenges can range form different styles of acting, going on go seas, runway, or any miscellaneous activities Tyra decides to give the contestants. Then usually they either have a photo shoot or a commercial that they also get judged on. Plus America gets to vote on their photo shoot picture or commercial and social media scores can either keep you in or out. This show, like all other reality shows, has the drama in the house which is what keeps it entertaining and romance and funny comedic moments.

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