Friday, September 6, 2013

Red Bull Cranberry Bog Wake Skating

Hi Everyone,

As I've mentioned in class wake boarding is a hobby of mine along with a handful of other extreme sports. Here is one of my favorite wake boarding videos produced by Red Bull:

This post is unique because this is a cross between a promotional and documentary style video which incorporates shots accompanying background information as well as promoting a product through the extreme sport of wake boarding. The shots in this video are absolutely amazing as they capture the art  of cinematography and the sport. Additionally the video incorporates intriguing angles such as underwater, dolly, aerial, wide and track shots that scream high difficulty. This video is truly breathtaking cinematography that portrays vivid shots to tell a incredible visual story. Lastly the music pick is also a great choice as it adds to complement the b-roll creating a subliminal feeling. If this video doesn't capture your attention and exploit what we are capable of doing with a camera then I don't know what will... Enjoy


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