Friday, September 27, 2013

Justin Bieber's Interview with Zach Gilafinakis

               The other night I saw a video that was all over Facebook and Youtube called "Justin Beiber Whipped by Belt by Zach Gilafinakis on Funny or Die". This just happened to be the company who shot one of their videos here at the Park Auditorium of Ithaca College. The interview was not a typical personal question and answer segment like you would see with most other celebrities. The entire video was based on making fun of Justin Bieber's career, which is what I found most interesting and even a bit peculiar. Just obviously new what was going to be said, which is why I admire him still going through with it because it truly was extremely hilarious.

  Bieber keeps a straight face the whole time and remained very serious which is something that made the whole video that much more amusing. My favorite question that the Hangover star, Zach Gilafinakis asks the pop star is "You've had three hair styles. What's next for your career?" He just says is so nonchalantly as if the star has not accomplished anything else other then his hairstyle changes. Jokes similar to this go on throughout the whole thing. It was extremely comical up to the ending which Gilafinakis takes off his belt to whip Beiber. All in all I think it was a great interview that served it's purpose to create humor with Bieber, who did take all the jokes pretty well by staying calm and collected and even ragging on the host every once and a while.

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