Tuesday, September 10, 2013



                                               John and Kyle Do Everything

John and Kyle Do Everything is a web series created by John Horan and Kyle Vorbach and directed by Erich Westfield. Both are Ithaca students and I have worked with them directly. They are creative, professional, and both are hilarious. For John's thesis project he is making this web series into a movie and I am excited to see how it turns out.

If you have not seen the show, you should. It is about two guys, John and Kyle, who have a bucket list and plan to complete all the ridiculous things before they die. The show has great lighting, picture quality, and sound. They use Premiere to edit their shows, along with Adobe after effects. In my opinion, these episodes look so professional and really entertaining to watch.

In this specific episode, I am featured in it! The objective of the episode is for John and Kyle to go to a "rager". The party scene of this episode is fantastic, they used gels to have different spectrums of lighting and created a visually stimulating montage. I think there work is fantastic and I would gladly work with them again. In this episode I am a "sexy terrorist" and it is a little risqué(my dad didn't like it that much)

For a student production, John and Kyle Do Everything is very well made and enjoyable to watch.

Watch episode three, along with the other four episodes!

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