Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Miley Cyrus' New Outrageously Risky Music Video

If you thought her last video was a bit raunchy, then you will be blown away with this next one. This song is her newest hit single called "Wrecking Ball". The video was released on Youtube on Monday, September 9th. When I viewed it Monday evening, Miley already had over 19 million views in 24 hours, which is not very surprising. Her provocativeness was cranked up to a whole different level. The performer appeared completely naked in most shots of the video, and when she was clothed it was see through and barely covered any skin. Now some do see nudity as an art form, other may see it as the young girl just trying to flee far away from her innocent and young Disney Channel, image. When Miley heard about how the public tore apart her video the second it came out, she decided to make a bold statement on her Instagram. Below her statement is visible. She goes into depth about why she was nude and why she was kissing a sledge hammer passionately. Miley explains the thought and meaning behind every choice that was made when producing the video.

Taking everything Miley Cyrus says into consideration, makes me understand more of what she was trying to do. The director of this video was Terry Richardson. In my opinion, I think Terry and Miley didn't succeed as portraying the story that they had in mind. It was hard to think about the true meaning of  the video while Miley is kissing and liking a sledgehammer. The viewer is too distracted by nudity and sexual actions to even think about what the song actually means. Watch the video and tell me if you think her 19 million views was because of artistic talent or because of pure nudity.

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