Friday, September 6, 2013

The Greatest Music Video I've Ever Seen

Anyone who has seen The Tree of Life by Terrence Malik knows how breathtaking the long tracking shots are and how much they contribute to the overall beauty of the film. Today I viewed a music video to the song "Open Eye Signal"by the producer Jon Hopkins, that was shot in a very similar way; steady cam tracking shots during what is known as "magic hour"- either dusk or dawn when the sun casts dramatic shadows and gives everything it touches a certain aura. The video followed a young rough looking teenager who skateboarded his way from southern california all of the way to the north. He traverses several deserted places, each oddly eerie and awesome. Each shot is skillfully executed and mapped out, and the scenery is simply breathtaking. An example of this is when the camera goes over a small bridge. At first there are dynamic lines in the framing which slowly straighten themselves out like a grid you'd see on a preview screen.  Here is my favorite shot in the music video:

If you like directors such as Malik, I highly recommend you view this! Jon Hopkins "Open Eye Signal" (Official Music Video)

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