Friday, September 6, 2013

Frances Ha/Riddick/Man Of Steel

Well this has been a week of movies for me.  In the last two days I say Frances Ha, Riddick, and Man of Steel. I thought I would provide a short review of each film.

Frances Ha is Squid and The Whale director Noah Baumbach's newest film. Greta Gerwig plays the titular Frances, a woman adrift in her twenties, who find herself moving from place to place after her best friend moves out of there place leaving her no longer able to afford the rent. The film was shot in black and white and on a very low budget. Shot on a Canon 5D the cinematography was beautiful, well lit and well shot. A fantastic low budget mumblecore with great female characters.

Riddick was shit. Yet I enjoyed parts of it. The film had the worst pacing ever. We spend the first 30 minutes watching Vin Diesel raise an dingo like alien dog. It then turned into a slasher film and finally a corney redemption story. Under developed characters were rampant throughout the story. The most enjoyable part of the film is the dialogue which is so ridiculous that you can't believe the director was not self aware of the massive amounts of cheese.

Man of Steel, like Riddick, dealt with poor pacing problems. Action packed flashbacks were crammed together then massive amounts of uninteresting exposition separated those from the final fight scene. the film felt overly cheesy at times even for a comic book movie. I couldn't help  but laugh at some scenes. But at least it wasn't the Green Lantern.

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