Friday, September 6, 2013

The Amount of Thought Put into Breaking Bad is Unreal

(may contain spoilers)
    One of the few television shows I watch religiously is AMC's Breaking Bad. The show is about a high school teacher that begins cooking meth to pay for the treatment for his lung cancer. Breaking Bad is currently on the second half of its fifth and final season. 
   There are many reasons Breaking Bad is my favorite television show; not only is the plot incredibly in depth but also the camera work is next to perfect. Everything is very thought out, from the lighting, to the camera angle, and even the color of the characters clothes. 
    It is small things, like the color of the character's clothes, that I think separates this show from others. Character's clothes from most shows are picked out or designed so the character looks good, with nothing else much in mind. However, in Breaking Bad, the characters clothes are based on their mood and recent actions. For example, when the main character, Walter White, is feeling defeated, he wears a drab, khaki color. Or when he is becoming more involved in cooking blue meth, his clothes are more blue. This amount of planning is put into not only all of the characters outfits, but also other aspects of the show.  More about this theory can be read here. There is also a very helpful picture chart contained in the article. 

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