Friday, September 13, 2013

What The Fox Is Ylvis?

Last night, during our frequent ritual of sharing the latest videos and music we're into, my roommate ordered me to watch "The Fox" by the Norwegian duo Ylvis, with nothing of a preface save for "YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS FOX VIDEO."

The video starts out with a scene of animal costumed party attendees, which immediately reminds me the chilling party scene in Sweeney Todd (ah, intertextuality), and I'm already thinking of ways these animal costumed folk are symbolic in what I imagine to be a beautiful song and video.  We see our protagonist, our singer, as the only one dressed as a human. Hm, what could this mean? What symbolism and thoughtful artistry are we about to see in this video? Then the lyrics begin.

I sit for a few second asking out loud if this is a serious, legitimate song. The quality of the image and production is deceiving. It looks too real to be a parody. What are you doing over there, Norway?

Then the chorus, and then I knew. As it turns out, Ylvis is a variety show group composed of two brothers who specialize in making high quality music video parodies consisting of utterly ridiculous and hilarious lyrics. Their repertoire of videos include a Josh Groban-esque ballad about the meaning of Stonehenge, a seemingly generic club song called "Work It" that proceeds to scientifically and literally describe what happens when you pick up a girl in a club, among other things, and my personal favorite, "Someone Like Me" which I can't describe because you just have to watch it.

Ylvis uploaded their viral video for "The Fox" less than two week ago, but they have been around for thirteen years, when they toured professionally as a live variety show. Their live shows are described as "challenging and surreal musical comedy." Several tours, radio shows, and television programs later, Ylvis' viral release of "The Fox" has landed them with international fame, even getting featured on websites such as Funny Or Die.

Happy laughing :)

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