Sunday, October 23, 2011

Best Scene I've Ever Seen

With the new season of the Office only producing one episode a week, I need to find other shows to fill the void because I've seen every other Office episode. The show I chose was Breaking Bad. This is not usually the type of show I go for because it is a drama and I am a huge fan of comedy. I believe laughter is the medicine that cures all. All this aside, I found a scene in the fifth episode of season 1 that made me realize that this show is above and beyond most in the drama category in all aspects.

The scene that I am discussing, takes place in the White's living room and they are playing cards with Walter's brother and sister in-law. His brother in-law, Hank, is a DEA agent. He has no idea that Walter is cooking meth to pay for his hospital bills. He took all of the ingredients for cooking meth from his school, where he is a chemistry teacher, to start his business. Hank has no idea that this happened, but the writers decided to create some foreshadowing of some sort into this card game. Hank was trying to get Walter to fold a hand and they way he went about it seemed as if we thought he knew. Walter seemed to think he knew, but we as an audience know that it is not.

The scene starts at 31:20 and ends at 35:10 if you have NETFLIX

This was one of the most impressive scenes I've ever scene in the drama category. Really you have to see it to truly understand. But the pure attention that I had on this scene was amazing. It is scriptwriting at his highest. It evokes so many emotions in 3 minutes.

Great work to these writers and producers and I will probably devote another post to the realism of this fantastic show.

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