Monday, October 17, 2011

Filming Yay!

Our group started filming this weekend. We dragged ourselves out of bed Saturday and Sunday morning and were very productive. On Saturday we shot our interior scenes with our two main characters, Jordan (played by Erikas Chesonis) and Patrick (played by Nate Patterson. Jackie did a great thing for all of us and took some awesome pictures for continuity and to upload to Facebook and look cool with our cameras and gear.

Saturday we finished the beginning and ending scenes of the film. We ran into a few problems and I think we solved them very well. First off I didn't realize just how low the bed we were working with was. We wanted to do a shot from underneath the bed of Jordan searching for his Nerf guns and the camera would not fit. To overcome this problem we pulled the bed frame out from underneath the mattress and supported the mattress higher up off the ground. The end result worked well. A similar problem happened with fitting the camera inside a chest. Our solution was to take a black picture frame and have the actor lift it off the lens of a camera carefully to create the effect. Saturday went very smoothly and we all enjoyed a nice pizza from Ameritalia.

Sunday morning we were shooting outside with Jordan and his friends who are having a Nerf battle with Patrick's old Nerf guns.

We were worried about rain but we stayed dry and the sky remained overcast, which gave us nice even basic lighting. The Nerf guns we borrowed looked great and our actors did a great job. Dylan Van Arsdale and Peter Gargaro came down to be Jordan's friends. The only problems we had on Sunday was a dog coming out of no where and eating some of our Wegman's sandwiches. There are a ton of pictures of us with the dog, named Buddy, that I'll let someone else upload.

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  1. "The only problems we had on Sunday was a dog coming out of no where and eating some of our Wegman's sandwiches."

    Even though Buddy ate our sandwiches, I wouldn't call him a "problem." :)