Monday, October 24, 2011

Talking about TV

This past Fall Break was good for two things: Sleeping and watching TV. So I would like this opportunity to recommend one of the most interesting, and complex shows I caught up with during the break. Of course I'm talking about Game of Thrones. This show is HBO's adaptation based on a series of books, called A Song of Ice an Fire (which I personally haven't read) by George R. R. Martin. One of my friends' described this series as "The Lord of the Rings meets the Godfather". I can only describe as exceptional. It is a show set on a hypothetical middle earth where its characters plot, plan, and backstab each other to get the power of the seven kingdoms. In this series everything is fair and possible. As they try to win the Iron Throne the show reveals each of the characters' story, and how these characters relate to each other. I feel that's what adds realism to this show. The uniqueness of each of the characters. Everyone has suffered a different path that drives each of the character's motifs during the show. The series makes a great job combininge these stories naturally, regardless of their complexity.

Production wise Game of Thrones is an ambitious project. The detail they put into every scene is just incredible. From the acting, sets, costumes, music, props, and even the language, they have succeeded creating this fantastic world, not so different from ours, but still unknownt and mythical. I would recommend this series a hundred percent and if you guys want to know more about the production of this series I would also recommend watching this video.

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