Monday, October 10, 2011

Clockwork Orange

I watched Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange for the first time a couple of days ago. To say the least the movie was intense. I could tell from the very beginning that Alex, played by Malcolm McDowell, had some pretty deep psychological problems.


Never trust a man in with eyeliner.

That was only the beginning though. The treatment that he went through was just disturbing.

Then when he finished with the treatment everything that could go wrong went wrong. His parents replaced him with another guy. When he left he got beat up by a bunch of homeless guys. Then he was picked up by the police... who beat him more and almost drowned him. He manages to stumble to a nearby house. But he raped the late wife of the person who lives there. The man tortures him by playing the former favorite song of Eric. This leads to Eric attempting to commit suicide.

There are many different lessons to be learned from this. Don't trust people. The government can be worse for people than free will. What goes around comes around.

The scariest part about this movie is that Eric was such a vile and violent person that showed no remorse, but by the end of the movie we sympathized with him and so did the rest of the people in the movie.

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