Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Wire

First an update on our project. We have locked down our lead actors for our two main guys in the story. We have our location, (my house) and we are meeting Monday to finalize our shot list, storyboard, and script. The main obstacle we have now is prop gathering. We have a lot of stuff we need for the older brother's room and we still need a modern camouflage uniform. We are all set on Nerf guns, we have contacted several humans vs zombies players and as we have all seen around campus, they each have 100s of dollars worth of guns.

I recently just started watching the wire.

I had never seen it before and I am now 3 episodes in. My housemate Rob confidently declares that it is the "realest" show he's ever seen. The show follows the crime in Baltimore from both sides, a gang who deals heroin in the projects, and a poor investigative unit. I would compare the tone of the show to the movie The Departed. Lot's of conflict and some heavy material. The only other crime dramas I have seen are shows like CSI which you can jump into at any point because the episodes can stand by themselves. The Wire follows a more episodic structure and deals with the same conflict throughout.

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