Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pan Am will not be on my watch list this year

I had posted earlier in the year about the show Pan Am that was new to ABC this season. I was excited to see the world of the flying age and expected a much better first episode. Sadly the writing of the pilot was so mediocre I found myself wondering if we as a class should rewrite the script for them because I am sure we could have made it much better. And for the record, I had no idea that this was a total female demographic show and feel a tad bit embarrassed.

However as much as it was a terrible first episode, I did see a few things in the pilot that caught my attention. The first thing was the sets and costumes. Everything looked very real and authentic and the who atmosphere of each of the sets envoked 1960's. There was always plenty of bustling and commotion from the excited passengers of the new Pan Am plane.

Another thing was the graphics that were created to remake the take off of an older Pan Am vessel. The plane and movement of it was very realistic as well as the sounds and colors. The only problem I saw with the authenticity of it was the glossiness of the outside of the plane. I think they were stressing the idea that it was a new plane and that the day was very bright and sunny, but I found it a little distracting.

Other than that the show does not have much to talk about. The twists and themes in the show are very predictable, but if anyone is going to take this show anywhere it's going to be Christina Ricci. She is by far the best talent in the show and if I had some advice for her, it would be take the next plane off set of ABC's Pan Am

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  1. I was very disappointed with the pilot as well, BUT since usually pilots aren't the greatest episodes I'm going to stick it through and go with it. Hopefully it'll get better.