Monday, October 17, 2011

Continuity...must control my pet peeve

As previously mentioned I brought my camera to our shoot this weekend. Idid this for several reasons:
1) to satisfy the photographer side of me by taking a bunch of fun pictures
2) to satisfy peoples current obsession document everything and putting in on facebook
3) to satisfy my desire to have awesome behind the scenes photos
4) to satisfy my compulsion to control continuity as much as possible.

As a filmmaker and a photographer continuity is one place my interests can intersect. When ever I am watching a film or television and there is something that clearly is not the same from shot to shot, or scene to scene it really bugs me. When continuity is broken it pulls your attention from what is going on in the story to what is going on in the frame. It pulls your mind out from the fantasy of the story and back to the reality that this is just a film or TV show shot with a bunch of actors and filmmakers that all can make mistakes....instead of super heros or what have you. Ever set should have at least one person watching out for continuity because if not it is one of the easiest ways to loose an audience's attention. This is why even though I am still only shooting student films at the moment I am dedicated to as much perfection I can control. If you do not try your hardest, your film will not be as good as it could be.

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