Monday, October 10, 2011

House: The Show That Convinced A Squeamish Girl To Watch a Medical Show

I have always been a very squeamish person and avoid blood and anything gory, like it is my business. For years my mom tried to get me to watch the show House with her, but I would always walk about of the room because it would gross me out at the mere thought of a show that takes places in a hospital. Finally after much convincing on her part and others I finally watch an episode of House and was intrigued...a short while later when there was marathon on TV I sat and watched a few episodes and found myself slowly being pulled into the vastly entraining show.

The show is penned by a group of extremely intelligent, yet quick wit writers and for me this was the major saving grace. When you get past the medical jargon the show is driven by a fascinating group of characters who have many quirks and faults, but are on some level relatable. After many seasons and quite a few casting changes, the show stays truthful to the things that made the audience fall in love with it's crazy, brilliant, and snarky Dr. Gregory House.

Since I have not been watching the show from the beginning I have been going back and watching it's original seasons slowly and it is interesting to see the character arcs. Watching a series in reverse can be weird because you know things that you wouldn't have known about characters or plot points before they unfold, but it can also be enlightening into the mind of a character because you understand them more then you would have it you were watching it as it unfolded. Though the characters on House don't change too drastically, it is still interesting to see how the show progressing in different ways from season to season.

The new season that premiered last week was a great change from the past seasons and had to take into account the loss of a major character and so the writers drastically changed the way the show has typically been run. They have had to deal with similar situations in past season so, though I am a little skeptical, I have faith they will recover and return to what has made million fall for the show: a character based show that just happen to have a base in medicine.

A promo from an older season of House:

A current promo for House:

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