Monday, October 3, 2011


For this week's post I wanted to talk about a movie that I watched last week and that I would highly recommend. I'm talking about Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious. As with most of Hitchcock's movies, I wasn't disappointed with this one. It was the perfect combination of a romantic and suspenseful thriller. I feel that what makes Hitchcock's movies so compelling is the fact that he takes his time to set up the sequence of events that will lead to the resolution. I notice a variety of elements in this movie that we've discussed in the past. Like the key which served as a Mcguffin. I feel it was an essential element to move the story along and keep the audience enthralled.
Another Mcguffin that I noticed in Notorious was the bottles of wines in the wine cellar.
Hitchcock doesn't really expands why they were transporting this substance in the wine. He just uses the wine bottles to bring the story together. Another interesting fact about the way Hitchcock tells a story is that his story lines are very focused. Even thought this story took place in a Post-World War II setting, Hitchcock didn't emphasized this story line. He focused more on Devlin, Alicia, and Alexander's story. I feel that this helped me engage more in the story and care more about the destiny of this characters.

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