Monday, October 31, 2011


For all you Harry Potter fans, my post for this week is going to be about Harry Potter's new site Pottermore (spoiler alert for those who are still waiting to get in the site). This site launched in august for 1 million Beta users who gained early access. I think that marketing campaign for this site was pretty smart an original. Jk Rowling built up a lot of expectation for the website two months before it was realized, sending clues around different Harry Potter fan sites for other fans to discover. After revealing that 1 million users would gain beta access, the site started a Magic Quill contest which consisted in realizing a clue every day for 7 days about each of the seven Harry Potter books. This contest created a bigger hype for the website giving that this clues were going to appear randomly during the day. I remember it was all over twitter and tumblr which makes me believe that the marketing team for the site made a great job reaching their market target (obviously Harry Potter fans). During the months of August and September welcoming letters were sent to those lucky few to gain early access. When I finally got to enter the website I found that the artwork for it was pretty good and compelling. The way the website was set up let you explore through different chapter of the first book. You also got to buy a wand and got to get sorted into a Hogwarts House, which I think it was pretty cool. Also additional background information was added about the different characters from Harry Potter. Overall I think the website is pretty good. While you explore it you get a nostalgic feeling especially since the last movie was just realized this past summer. Some of the downsides of the website are the different bugs that haven't been fixed since they are still on their Beta testing period.
Also the website gets kind of old after a couple of days of using it. Hopefully all the bugs will get fixed and new stuff will be added to explore now that they extended the Beta period (it was supposed to open for everyone in October). Also this website is still promising given that the beta users are only allowed to explore the first book of the series, which makes me wonder if people will get bored with it once they are allowed to explore all the books. Guess will have to wait to see what is JK Rowling planning to offer to us dedicated fans.

Pottermore's Artwork:

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