Monday, October 10, 2011

Project 2 update

So we are now entering the third week of project 2, and I just wanted to show the class a couple things we were planning on doing in our film. For background information, our feature film starts off with a teenage boy (Jordan) going into his bothers room trying to find his nerd guns. His older brother, Patrick, is over seas in Iraq fighting for our country. Jordan decides to play with these guns in his front years with some friends, when all of a sudden, his brother gets dropped off in the driveway. Jordan is so excited to see his bro, and asks if he wants to play with him and his friends. He hands Patrick the gun, and this is where he starts to have his flashbacks. When this happens, we want the screen to flash to something like this:

In another scene, we are going to want o have realistic warfare sfx. I found a great site called free that has multiple war sounds that would be perfect for our film. Another post effect we want to have is camera shake or frenzy when a fake bomb goes off. We want the edges of the screen to whiten and the maybe the picture to flicker black and white to give the audience a chill. Something like this will definitely get the point screenshot.

I don't want to give too much away, but this is the premise of our film. Please give questions or comments.

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