Monday, October 17, 2011

Supernatural Effects

In the show Supernatural, each episode deals with a different demon or creature, and none of that would exist without the special effects. It's not just in post production and after effects, but blood pumping mechanisms and extreme make up are needed to make this show happen. I can't even count how many times someone gets stabbed or sliced in this show and there is an entire team working from pre to post to make this all happen. I was watching a few videos about the special effects and this one is a pretty revealing behind the scenes look at how the special effects team creates the blood, gore and monsters.

What is particularly interesting is how they start planning before they even get the script. They don't film everything and then work in the effects, but they can be called up and just be asked for more blood. With the demand for so many effects in such a short period of time, the production team has the dilemma of completing the project, but still making is aesthetically pleasing and as realistic as a demon throwing Jensen Ackles against a wall as it can be. Then, they have to deal with the actors limitations and creating what they need as characters to work with. The show is unique in which each episode deals with visual and special effects as well as make up effects. It is hard to distinguish the line drawn between production and post production effects. Obviously, programs like After Effects have the ability to create blood, but that can easily be done in a more organic method. It comes down to the kind of visually pleasing image you are looking for.

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