Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ed Helm's: The New Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Sabre (Scranton)

Earlier in the semester, I dedicated a post to the upcoming season 8 of my favorite show, The Office. In this post I can remember talking about what the show needed to survive and how I felt it was going to do in the future.

Well I can tell you that after getting through the first four episodes, that most of those claims I made have luckily come true. One of the first main things I remember stressing upon was the relationships between Jim and Dwight. My first idea was that because of this terrible new boss, Robert California, that they would team up and try to take him down. However this season I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had been made CEO and that Andy Bernard had been made the new regional manager. This has been a great twist because I hate the character Robert California, and although he is still in every episode, that it is a different part then running the office. This change seems like a smart move to me.

The next best part about the current season is that the jokes and shenanigans that Jim and Dwight play on each other. Although it seems to be just Jim so far. The jokes have become more sophisticated and a larger part of the plot. The jokes Jim plays on Dwight have become a larger theme and in every episode we get little updates about how he is doing duping Dwight. My favorite so far is definitely in episode 4 where Jim writes a fake Garden Party planning book and Dwight follows every step not knowing he bought it from Jim. These great jokes seems to be getting better and keeping them involved seems like a smart move from the producers.

Andy Bernard, Ed Helms in real life, has taken on a job that seems to be more than he can handle. His frail personality and poor leadership skills have shown their colors so far, but we all feel for him in one way or another because he is trying so hard. Andy is by himself for the most part in this one reaching out to others for help. If you can remember the last seven seasons, there was another person in the same seat that Andy is sitting so far. MICHAEL SCOTT. Yes it has just hit me, Andy doing exactly what Michael used to have to do. He would try to do something nice or productive and it would always backfire on him. Like the clip below which is by far one of the funniest of the new season. I am glad that we will get to see the character of Michael Scott in a different for. And that form, which I happen to be a huge fan, Andrew Bernard is going to be great!

One thing I can remember about my previous post was that I wanted to see the relationship between Pam and Jim to blossom and become a great part of the show. Well now Pam's is preganant again and there is a new conflict in the script. Angela is also pregnant. This is a funny new conflict in which Angela is trying to make Pam feel like she is not the favorite or best pregnant women. She constantly is bad mouthing Pam, but because she is finally happy with a man other than Dwight, Pam lets it go. Oh and the other reason is that everyone in the office thinks that her boyfriend is gay.

Well the crazy antics of this quirky little world have continue for their 8th season and I look forward to writing another update in another month.

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